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Streamline your back-office workflows, track employee stock plans, and manage shareholders and investments all in one place.

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Nth Round enables founders to focus valuable time and energy on what is most important at any growth stage.

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Efficient Processes

Plan Ahead

Save valuable time and effort by keeping everything you and your shareholders need organized and accessible in your private company's own equity management platform.

Digital, Accurate, Reliable

Say goodbye to painful excel sheets, stay updated with accurate data while maintaining your cap table backed up with transactions & events with a complete audit log.

Investor Management

Keep your investors informed with decisions, metrics and updates while letting them access secure data at their fingertips.

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Nth Round’s modern approach and easy-to-navigate interface were driving factors in choosing them for our internal trading platform and shareholder portal. The consistent feedback I receive from shareholders regarding our portal’s convenience, functionality, and polished interface is further indication we made the right decision
Eric Eschliman
VP of Finance - Alera Group

Cap Table Management

Graduate from spreadsheets and starter software to a modern platform that enables you to seamlessly track investments and transactions among employees and shareholders across any equity structure.

Seamless Communication

Share performance reports, tax documents, and company updates with ease. Sort, filter and tag individuals or groups to send personalized emails to the right people at the right time. Send personalized group emails to filtered groups of shareholders, employees, and partners.

Company-Wide Collaboration

Access secure document vaults and private data rooms for more transparency and company collaboration. Save time and reduce stress by storing important documents in a single, secure location with access at your fingertips.

Facilitate Liquidity

Create liquidity between employees, shareholders or newly invited participants in your own anonymous trading environment, available 24/7

Experience Best in Class Investor Experience

Seamless Onboarding

We typically onboard our clients within a week. Our onboarding experts are accustomed to all sorts of data.

Lightning fast Response

Our response rate to any questions you might have, never exceeds an hour. We pride ourselves in a 24/7 support team.

Award winning Customer Support

We want you to focus on what your business needs. Not on the logistical mess.

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