Hi, I'm Zohaib Khalid

I'm what happens when you apply game theory to produce sustainable growth

Companies I grow

Heh Below The Fold-er!

Expecting the flowery fluff that no one understands? Sorry to disappoint! I don’t secretly guard some magic formula nor do I insert variable X into algorithm Y to pull a rabbit out of a hat. I help businesses grow with hard work and a bit of uncommon common sense. Here’s what I do:

Fix what's broken

I typically dive deep into the business machine and fine tune the cog that's not performing at optimal levels.

Get on the growth trajectory

I listen to your ideal vision - align it with what's best for the business and together we embark on a journey to sustained growth!

The balancing act

Getting to the top is a hustle - staying there is the real challenge. I balance aggressive growth and sustainable strategy to keep us winning.

Want to know how I found my Nash Equilibrium in marketing?

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